Another Milestone – Cricket ground in Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury gets its first Cricket ground. This ground will be used as a home ground for the league’s most dominant team – Commonwealth Cricket Club (CCC). CCC are champions of the Mass State League A division 6 times out of last 10 years. The passion in which this club evolved comes from extraordinary leadership and vision of their leader – Fazal Alam.

Fazal is a good friend. His love for the game is infectious! His passion, determination is evident. With this same passion, he pursued the dreams of getting a home ground for his team. The effort paid off and CCC has a new home in Shrewsbury. Please check the site –¬†

I am also glad to learn that Fazal and Saaqib are also planning for Youth Summer Camps. This is perfect especially when this pristine game is going to be taught by accomplished players. In the sub-continent, Cricket is like a religion, many grew up with a cricket bat and ball with the dreams of playing for the country some day! As some saw the dreams fade away, the passion to contribute back to the game didn’t fade. By contributing the time to youth – coaching, mentoring, it is evident that the game will grow in US in coming years. I am glad this is part of their agenda!

As we all, as Cricket lovers cherish this milestone, the growth of Cricket in US will be accomplished when pursued by ALL and not by some community. It is a long road but not impossible. Small contributions by many with the single goal of making Cricket Mainstream will take us there. The path of achieving it can be different but the goal is the same.

Good Luck Fazal, Saaqib and CCC for this milestone!

PS: There is an inaugural match in this ground scheduled on Monday, Sept 5th @ 11.30.

About Vasu Ram
President of Mass Youth Cricket.

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