Hat Trick Campaign Rewards Donors With USYCA Apparel & Equipment

This is an exciting time for USYCA, as we are about to launch a new USYCA website and a comprehensive partnership with a number of large US school systems, such as Charlotte-Mecklenburg in North Carolina. That’s not to say that we haven’t been busy in the past.
Since May 2010, USYCA has placed over 360 cricket sets in American schools, and now has member organizations in over 30 US states. By September, when the 2011-2012 school year starts, this number will grow to over 750 American schools playing cricket, in over twenty US states. In the past three months alone, over 150 American schools and 23 school districts have contacted USYCA about its Schools Program.
Because of these unprecedented results, USYCA now has as its goal the introduction of cricket to one million American schoolchildren in 2011. Yes, these are exciting times.


In the next phase of our program, USYCA will be partnering with local government officials to pioneer inexpensive youth cricket leagues in American neighborhoods that have perhaps been left behind in the past few years. Neighborhoods with underutilized playing fields, in communities with families that would struggle to pay the typical $125 per year fee for other leagues, will become a target for sports revitalization through youth cricket. We believe that this exciting plan will be seen as a great benefit to communities and a great opportunity for cricket in the United States.


Behind the amazing success story of USYCA is a growing demand for schools cricket, which has placed increasing pressure on USYCA for American Cricket Champ sets. USYCA is committed to bringing cricket to every school in America that wants to play, and this commitment will soon be challenged as our stock dwindles. This presents an immediate crisis, as we have more than a dozen US school systems that wish to introduce cricket district-wide in August, and we estimate the cost of adequate resupply at $20,000. The news isn’t all bad, however.
USYCA has been in discussions with a private donor who, in conjunction with USACA, have agreed to a 1:1:1 matching program that, if successful, would allow USYCA to acquire its needed funding. Basically, the donor and USACA will each match every dollar USYCA raises on its own. This means that your gift is TRIPLED in value if given now, when our need is greatest.
Please take your personal “hat trick” by giving today to the USYCA Hat Trick Campaign. For those that give $100 or more, we will send you a USYCA stitched cap. Those contributing at least $500 will receive a hat & polo combination, and for those donors that give $1000 or more, we will add a genuine USYCA American Cricket Champ set. (You can see the hat & polo here: http://usyca.org/usyca-logo-apparel-and-merchandise/ )
Those that give will also be thanked in a public relations campaign that will begin as soon as our goal has been reached.
What are teachers saying about cricket?

Here at Eldersburg Elementary our kids just loved cricket. We would like to see a cricket league form in Eldersburg so that young students can become a part of an older but newer sport and maintain exercise and something new for the area!
Debbie Buenger, Eldersburg ES, 2008 NASPE National Teacher of the Year

I actually just started teaching Cricket yesterday for the first time here.  While I am still a little unsure of all of the exact rules and techniques associated with the sport, the students really seem to be enjoying the game. Cricket is something that I will definitely add to my yearly units for P.E.
Jarrett Emery, Bonnie Branch MS

On the whole, most  of my students enjoyed Cricket!  They told me how” Pumped Up” the players were when getting outs and scoring runs. Coach Hughes even brought in his video, so we could tape some of the games. We will play again this year!
Kevin Broadus, Long Reach HS

My 3rd, 4th and 5th grade loved cricket. It took a while for them to catch on but once they did the students really got into the game.  The game works on team cooperation that is what I really like. Thanks again for the equipment and the inservice. 
Sharon Gordon, Kent County, MD

Cricket is a great striking and strategy sport that can be enjoyed by students of all ability levels…. what a great addition this will be to our physical education curriculum!
Linda Kephart, Supervisor of Health and Physical Education for Carroll County Public Schools

The instruction provided was easy to understand, age appropriate, and it allowed the students to start playing a modified version of cricket within a twenty to thirty minute class period.
Charles Silberman, PE instructor, Prince George’s County

About Vasu Ram
President of Mass Youth Cricket.

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