Paxton Center School Introduces Cricket as part of PE Curriculum

Paxton Center SchoolThe Massachusetts Youth Cricket Association and the United States Youth Cricket Association (USYCA) are pleased to announce a partnership with Paxton Center School, Paxton, MA, which will implement the USYCA Schools Program during the 2011-2012 school year and also as part of their after-school program.

The Massachusetts Youth Cricket Association will supply the Paxton Center School (PCS) with donated cricket sets, instruction and ongoing support. PCS will incorporate cricket into its Physical Education curriculum, while also providing other opportunities for students to play the game, such as in recess or after-school programs. The program is set to launch in the Fall semester 2011, when teachers will receive their initial training and cricket sets.

“Cricket will be beneficial to the students not only because the sport of cricket is a new way for them to work on basic skills of throwing, fielding, catching and batting, but also and possibly more importantly, it is a different activity that helps to improve the skills of concentration, communication, cooperation and decision-making. It will help to promote a thinking environment,” said William Sullivan, a physical education teacher at PCS.

“We are delighted to be working with Paxton in this initiative and we feel this is just a beginning,” said Vasu Ram, President of the Massachusetts Youth Cricket Association.

“The United States Youth Cricket Association is delighted to be working with the Paxton Center School on this exciting initiative,” USYCA President Jamie Harrison said. “The USYCA Schools Program is dedicated to bringing cricket to American children in their schools and in their neighborhoods, and we look forward to this expansion of our great game in Massachusetts.”

Massachusetts Youth Cricket Association ( is the state chapter of the United States Youth Cricket Association ( The United States Youth Cricket Association, a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Maryland, is dedicated to introducing the great sport of cricket to American children.

USYCA membership keeps rolling along and growing

“The partnership with USYCA is a continuation of our vision to promote and market cricket to the younger generation,” said Dr. C.S. Manish, President of CAN.

“We are very excited about the various USYCA initiatives, especially the USYCA Schools Program, which will help provide schools with the necessary equipment and resources to encourage them to add cricket to their standard curriculum. This is the best way to gain local acceptance for the sport we love.

“I would like to take this opportunity to commend Jamie Harrison and the USYCA for their enthusiasm and vision for developing cricket at the grassroots level in the United States.”

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Schools get donation of cricket equipment to learn to play

The United States Youth Cricket Association, housed in Glen Burnie, has donated a cricket set to every school in Carroll County and recently provided training for physical education teachers.

“It has a lot to offer that we don’t have in most American sports, which are heavily dependent on physical skills to do well,” said Jamie Harrison, President of the United States Youth Cricket Association. “Cricket is much more cerebral. It has the mental aspects of golf and physical aspects of baseball.”

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National Fitness Blog About USYCA and Cricket

Usually the first thing cricket is compared to — for American audiences, anyway — is baseball. Cricket and baseball have a lot in common. In fact, cricket was popular in America long ago. It’s believed that George Washington’s troops played cricket in 1778, and Ben Franklin was said to be a fan as well. And this year the Baseball Hall of Fame is hosting a special exhibit on the sports’ shared roots.

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Cricket through the eye of Yankee Sportswriter

I would like to share the article written by Wright Thompson. Click here to read through.


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