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Vasu Ram
Massachusetts Youth Cricket Association

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  1. Denise Fitzsimmons says:

    Hi, I am looking for cricket opportunities for my 10 yo son. He learned the game at our summer camp several years ago, saved up his money to buy a kit, and will play with anyone willing. Unfortunately, his brothers and sisters are not that interested, and nobody near us knows the game. We are in Maynard. Any info would be very helpful.


    • Vasu Ram says:

      Hi Denise,

      Thanks for contacting us. Your son is in the perfect age group. We are focussing on the age group – 7 – 16 to create awareness and spread the game. We are still new and working with local schools to make it part of the physical education curriculum.

      We are also planning to set up a summer camp. We are based out of Grafton right off 495. I will send more details and keep your encouragement going for your son. It is very encouraging for us to see so much passion for the game.

      Please also send your son’s name and will be in touch.


  2. Mohammad Ali says:

    hello, i am a senior at shrewsbury high school and seeing that there are lots of indians here i started cricket club for SHS. however people liked my idea and they even signed up for it now i am having difficulty to find place for playing cricket. the school dont know much about cricket so i need ur help in making my school aware of cricket (especially PE teachers). plz reply soon. thanks

    • Vasu Ram says:

      Hi Mohammed,

      I am the president of the MA chapter of US Youth Cricket — . We do have a program where we train pe’s on cricket and provide free cricket set to schools. Please let me know how we can help and we can make it happen.



  3. Deepak Tiku says:



    My son just turned 14, he is a very good medium pace bowler and has a lot of passion for the game. I want to channelize his interest in the right manner so that his game improves . Can you help. We live in Andover.



    • Vasu Ram says:

      Hi deepak,

      Thanks for contacting. Good to know that your son is interested in the game. The cricket season is about to start and in mass there are 30 teams playing in 3 divisions. The best way to learn for him to play in one of these teams. There are 2 teams which are close to Andover, Star cricket club and Merrimack cricket club and both have their home ground in Tewksbury. Star is in 1st division and Merrimack is in 3rd. Please let me know if your son will be interested and I will make the introduction.


  4. Richard Davies says:

    Dear Vasu

    I am an Australian expat and my son is 11. He has been forced to watch cricket on Willow tv (along with my wife and 9 yr old daughter) for years.

    We play cricket in the back yard, but there is nothing more than that.

    My son Sean says he would play if there was anywhere to play. I see from the comments above that the competition seems to be north and west of Boston. We are still willing to travel if that is the case. Is there anything in the vicinity of the South Shore or Cape Cod that we could get involved in?

    I am a trial attorney by trade and I would be very willing to help with getting cricket on the radar on the South Shore and Cape.

    Regards and best wishes,

    Richard Davies.

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